Multifunction Magic Broom- Rubber Floor Squeegee, Squeeze Silicone Broom

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About this item

  • 【Perfect for Cleaning】The upgraded magic squeegee broom can effectively sweeps out strands of hair, pet fur, dust, sand, pieces of broken glass, any liquid such as waterlogging in the bathroom, greasy oil in the kitchen, and more.The silicone head adheres to the floor and sweeps out everything without missing anything.
  • 【Widely Used】The rubber broom works perfectly for floor, carpet, rug cleaning, living room, kitchen, hard floor, tiles, swimming pool, garage, bathroom, can also be used as a window squeegee cleaning spray glass wiper.
  • 【Use handy magic tool】The sweeping broom has a newly engineered 180 degree rotating head for easy cleaning under the couch, bed, cabinet, and more where all hard-to-reach areas.
  • 【Safe and durable】The soft ang durable silicone spatula won't damage the surfaces of you are cleaning, used in large quantities for cleaning the desktop, sweeping, cleaning windows, sweeping water, wiping water, easily clean up waterlogging in the bathroom, greasy oil in the kitchen and leave no waterlogging.
  • 【Service & Support】If you have any comments and suggestions during use, please contact us.Wonglea service team promises a full refund if you are not satisfied with our products.
  • Product Description

    Wonglea magic broom
    Wonglea scraping broom

    Product Size

    Wonglea pet hair removal broom
    What ordinary brooms can't do


    • Sweeping water is still dirty, leaving water marks.
    • Debris leak from the gaps in the broom.
    • Wrapped around the broom head when cleaning hair.


    • Wonglea magic broom solves these problems nicely.


    Wonglea focuses on the R&D and production of household products, gardening and home improvement tools.

    Wonglea's new upgraded magic broom is a must-have multi-functional cleaning tool for the home. Compared with traditional brooms, it is better and more versatile.

    For example, it is better to clean hair and dust, and at the same time, it can be used as a wiper to clean outdoor door and window glass and mirrors.

    • If you have any doubts about our product introduction, please feedback us, we will answer you and provide after-sales service as soon as possible in the future.

    The Wonglea multifunction magic broom is suitable for cleaning in various scenarios.

    Wonglea squeegee for shower glass door

    Wonglea silicone brooms for floor cleaning

    Wonglea multi function scraping broom

    Wonglea shower squeegee

    Scraping water and foam

    Efficiently remove water and foam from the bathroom floor after showering, kitchen spills, as well as standing water on room floors, outdoor areas, and garages.

    Cleaning hair

    Cleaning hair on the floor will not get tangled on the broom, making cleaning easier.Especially suitable for families with pets.

    Cleaning debris

    The Wonglea magic broom adopts TPR cleaning head, which can effectively clean the granular garbage that is difficult to clean with ordinary brooms.

    Clean windows, mirrors

    The multifunction magic broom can be used as a window squeegee to clean door and window glass and mirrors.

    Wonglea broom squeegee in one

    New upgrade details display

    Wonglea 180 degree adjustable magic broom head

    Wonglea TPR scraper

    Wonglea Ergonomic handle

    Reinforced broom handle and a Broom Holder

    180° adjustable broom head


    • Reinforced swivel head, not loose after frequent use.
    • The 180° rotating head can clean the garbage in the crevices under the bed and under the cabinet.


    TPR broom head scraper


    • The scraper is moderately soft and hard, cleans dust and wipes water without omission, does not hurt the floor.
    • Easy to clean, just rinse.


    Extended broom handle grip


    • Better texture, more comfortable to hold.
    • Thickened and extended broom handle grip


    Reinforced broom handle and a Broom Holder


    • The total length of the broom is 49.2 inches, with a broom holder.
    • Better storage, save space.