LDNIO Leadnord SC3604 Export Product Safety

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Powerful and efficient
The device has 6 USB charging ports, which can charge 6 mobile phones or tablets to provide the fastest charging speed, each port can reach up to 2.4 amps or a total of 3.4 amps
Power Intelligent Technology
There is no need to set the current or select a specific port. The charging speed can be controlled by the resistance inside the cable, and the device is always charged at the fastest speed.
Multiple protection measures
Basic protections such as intelligent circuit protection, temperature control, and high-quality design are adopted to ensure that you and your equipment are completely safe.
Safety certification: CE/FCC/ROSH/PSE/CCC.
Provides completely safe full-speed charging
Power strips, surge protectors, charging stations, USB chargers, travel chargers, power strips, USB power sockets, power sockets with USB sockets, office power strips with USB sockets, travel power strips, universal USB power strips USB Turn to fast charging, overload protection, smart power socket


Product parameters:
1.POWER SOCKET (3 port )100-250V,10A,2500W
2.USB PORT(6 PORT)OUT PUT:5V/3.4A (Charger) Power CORD:1.8M
Constant voltage: 220
Ambient temperature: 30 (℃)
Shell material: plastic
Conductor material: plastic
Product certification :CE FCC
Size: 15
Rated power :9
Scope of application: home appliances
Features :USB
Copper core of power cord :5

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