Astronaut Star Galaxy Night Light Projector for Bedroom Specially for Valentine's day

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Product size: 22.9 * 16.3 * 12.9cm
Material: Enamel process, PVC+injection molding process, Material: ABS, Hardened PC
Power interface: TYPE-C
Horn: 3W horn
Input voltage: DC 5V
Input current: DC 2A
Power: 10W
Working temperature: -20~50 ℃/-4~122 ° F
Storage temperature: -20~60 ℃/-4~140 ° F

Backpack button:
On/Off+Play Pause composite key
Bluetooth+white noise composite key
Previous+Volume - Composite Key
Next song+volume+composite key
Small night light switch+color switching composite key

Projection Nebula Part:
Nebula light source type: LED
Number of lamp beads (PCS): 1 PCS
Nebula Bead Light Source Color: RGBW (Red Green Blue White)
Maximum output power per color (W): 1W
Nebula projection color: Any 2 colors, namely RG (red green), RB (red blue), BR (blue green), RW (red white), BW (blue white) GW (green white)
Nebula projection area (m2): The projection area of the nebula at a distance of 2.5 meters from the ceiling of the product is 7 square meters
Laser projection area (㎡): The nebula projection area at a distance of 2.5 meters from the ceiling of the product is 19.5 square meters
Control method:
4 physical buttons on the host
433 Bluetooth remote control
APP control

Rocket night light part
Lamp bead type: 3PCS RGB lamp beads+1 warm white lamp bead+3 cold white lamp beads
Small night light power (W): 1W
Night light effects: 7 types, including R-G -- B -- W -- RG -- RB -- BG -- illusion
Control method: physical button control

Product functions and features:
1. This product adopts a Bluetooth chip design as the main controller and supports three methods of controlling the host: host button control, 433 Bluetooth remote control, and APP control.
2. This product adopts a super large wide-angle lens design, which is more than twice the area of ordinary nebulae on the market. So far, it is the only super large wide-angle nebula projection lamp in the market that adopts a multi lens design. The effect is good, the projection range is large, and you can experience the colorful sky at home. 3. The ultra large range of green laser projection effect, the product is 2.5 meters away from the glass ceiling, and the projection area is 19.5 square meters.

The product package includes:
1x projection light+film * 1
2x film (1 box of 6)
1x charging cable
1x instruction manual
1x cleaning cloth